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  New at Blue Soley !!!  

Come and discover the new sport of summer !!!  

  The Wingfoil !!


Wing foil is a brand new water sport combining the practice of kitesurfing and foiling. This is a hand portable inflatable kite that allows you to take advantage of the energy of the wind to move forward. Wing Surf is practiced on a SUP board or for the more initiated on a SUP foil. Accessible, wing surfing is suitable for all audiences, children or adults, beginners, initiates or experts.

It is the perfect way to learn to use the wind easily.

Indeed grab the two handles on the central slat and you will have the power to move forward. Let go of everything and you will not move forward.

Wing foil is one of the easiest water sports to learn. However, it is strongly recommended to be supervised by an experienced instructor to teach you the basics.
We have all the tools to make learning easy and fast. The instructor will let you handle the wing at your own pace in order to feel the sensations of the wing pulling you.

  • Wing Foil lessons for beginners:  

Here is an example of a wingfoil learning session at Blue Soley !!  They consist of three stages:

  1. The first: handling the wing with simulation of waterstart, movements and finally transitions, all from the beach.

  2. The second: to succeed in tacking, across, upwind, then to the reach. All at very low speed without the foil going into action, board glued to the water.

  3. The third: consists in acquiring more speed in order to navigate in the air on the foil at three paces. At the end of this first course, the most gifted will also be able to try their hand at transitions (turns), that is to say, jibes and transfers.

General Info: 

-     From 8 knots (15 km / h) we can handle the Wing and even start to glide on the water with the board. 

-     These are Private Lessons so you are alone with the instructor to have a more efficient learning and more


-     You stay in constant contact with the monitor thanks to the headset with radio link, which ensures greater pedagogy and maximum safety.

-     We know that everyone evolves at their own pace, no stress, the instructor adapts to your progress.

-      A license is compulsory for the practice of Wingfoil. More information  here .


Le Wingfoil


Wingfoil pack rental prices

40 €

Capture d’écran 2021-06-09 à 12.13_edite

1h free rental  (for people who have already taken a course)

75 €

1 hour of private lessons

150 €

3 hours of lessons (max 3 people) + 1 hour rental 

60 €

1 h 30 group lessons (max 3 people)


pack 10 heures  de location

Pour toute réservation c'est par ici ==>


It  It is possible to rent the Wing Wing alone.

25 €

  1 hour *    

€ 55

  half day  * 

* You will be given an initiation  at the start for piloting the wing 

Location board + foil : 


   1 heure   

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