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INSURANCE for kitesurfing lessons

Be assured  in RC * for the  kitesurfing is compulsory.
Blue Soley school
  is affiliated with AFKite (Association Française Kite), so you can take your student insurance online before your internship, valid 365 days worldwide, at the price of  25  €. If you think you might want to practice outside of a school  subscribe  insurance practicing at 35  €.  

Save time by subscribing online before your internship

Click the button below and follow the instructions. You will instantly receive your certificate by email. With this subscription, you can adapt the effective date to the first day of your activity or any other date chosen in order to really benefit from the 365 days of full coverage.


We advise you to take out an optional IA ** (individual accident) covering your personal damage (+ 30 €) and repatriation  (+4 €)

* RC: civil liability, covers damage that you may cause to others.
** IA
  : Individual accident, covers you for bodily injury that you are likely to cause to yourself as well as the financial loss that results from the temporary stoppage of your professional activity.

Advantage linked to AFKite membership: the KITEPASS

Beyond being insured for civil liability, our school will provide you with a kitepass, ie a level card that will allow you to follow your progress. This card is recognized worldwide in IKO centers and will allow you to certify your level with other French schools or during your trips abroad.

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