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For kitesurfing and traditional sailing it is him! Forerunner of the kite in Guadeloupe, it is also a  former champion of  sailboard! He will share his passions with you and discover new sensations!

"Former windsurfing champion, kitesurfing instructor, runner  large… François Guibourdin likes to take up nautical challenges "

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What water sports have you practiced? 

I discovered windsurfing at 11 years old thanks to the UCPA which was in Saint-François, until 24/25 years old it was my main sport. I did traditional canoeing, kitesurfing, ocean racing, paddle boarding. As soon as there is an activity or a nautical challenge in Guadeloupe, I feel capable of facing it. It is often said that the Guadeloupean does not like the sea, I try to prove that this is not true. I was born by the sea, I grew up there, I also did my education here with tourists, people who passed by, I got to know a lot of things thanks to that.

What is your track record in these sports? 

I obtained a dozen titles of champion of Guadeloupe in windsurfing, two titles of champion of France including one in UNSS. I broke the world record indoors at Bercy and Barcelona. In traditional sailing, I was the youngest to win the most stages on a lap. I finished ninth in doubles on the G2R, the boat race from Concarneau to Saint-Barth. Lately, there was the Guadeloupe Grand Large training, around ten young people were selected and I was part of it, even if I am not the youngest (laughs), it allowed me to pass certificates and to travel across the West Indian arc.

What do you like about boating? 

When I take my equipment and look at the horizon, I see a void, it's not like on earth with people, noise… On the sea, there is no problem. I like the space, the solitude, the escape. This passion has become my job and a permanent challenge. I also need to pass it on, to prepare for the future, to be a kind of relay for the young people, and not just to live it selfishly.


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