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Blue Soley invites you to discover the joys of the sea, a lagoon and its benefits. In Saint-François, everyone can discover nautical activities and also for the sportsmen of the medium wishing to evolve / move in their technique, Blue Soley sets up a personalized support.


From sports coaching, to NLP and Hypnosis support, there is only one step ... which many have already taken!

Trust us and take pleasure: these approved and recognized techniques are for everyone, from teenagers to adults, sportsmen or not, men or women, used with kindness and confidentiality.


Ericksonian Hypnosis:

therapeutic support based on the unconscious.  

This form of hypnosis is very developed today and has  proven, especially  in the medical field where it is used for pain management. With hypnosis, if that's your goal, we will be able to: change a behavior that bothers you, treat trauma, regain self-confidence, regain energy or sleep, erase pain and all those little ailments that  ruin life a bit!  


Neuro programming  Linguistic

With support in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) you will be able to acquire the technical skills you need to evolve.

NLP is a brief therapy invented in the 1970s by psychologists and mathematicians (Bandler and Grinder) who modeled different techniques in psychology.

It is based on communication, personal development, and learning.

not interested in "  why the problem  " but to "  how to achieve your goal  ".

Inquire: 0690 26 26 22


S. Femme 40 ans

Problématique : Phobie de l'eau

Après deux consultations :

"Juste un petit message de gratitude pour vous remercier. Suites à nos séances, j'ai pu m'éclater lors de ma  première séance de surf et à chacune de mes sorties paddlee...un énorme merci."



S. Jeune sportif de haut niveau en voile

Problématique : acquérir un geste technique et gérer son stress

"Le travail effectué a continué à opérer dans le temps, merci pour tout ce qui a été fait."


M. Femme 30 ans

Problématique : gestion des émotions

"Des psychologues  j'en ai vu et revu mais Maryline n'est pas psychologue et heureusement d'ailleurs. Elle est tendre douce bienveillante et solaire. On lâche prise et on s'ouvre facilement en sa présence; Cet accompagnement m'a fait énormément de bien, l'évolution est flagrante mes addictions, du passé.

Aujourd'hui grâce à elle, je m'aime."

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